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adirama beach restaurant lovina north bali

Adirama Beach Restaurant Lovina North Bali


All our food is carefully selected and always fresh. We make our own marmalades and if you wish there is fresh home made bread. We have steaks that melt on your tongue. Healthy salads. Exquisite vegetables. Fresh caught fish, to be ordered in advance. Delicious grilled satays. Excellent schnitzels and cordon bleue. Spaghetti al' dente. Ice cream. Succulent apple pie. Cappuchino. Mexican Quesadillas. Strawberries. Balinese nasi campur. Babi ketjap. Adirama Club Sandwich. Shakes. Fine Italian expresso. Chocolate Brownies. And even more.

babi kecap satay

The art of cooking

Our experienced chief cook Ngurah and his team take a real pride in their work. All dishes are a piece of art for the eye and the tongue.
All dishes are carefully prepared by Ngurah and his dedicated team in a super clean kitchen and all dishes are of course of the highest quality.

grilled steak quesadillas

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The prices of our dishes vary from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 110,000 *
(= ca. Eur. 1,20 to Eur 9,00 / ca. USD 1.50 to USD 11.00 )
* prices are exclusive tax and service


Adirama Seaside Restaurant Lovina Bali

Jalan Raya Singaraja-Seririt

Reservation phone: 0362-41759