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Adirama Beach Restaurant Lovina North Bali

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Chicken mushroom
Grilled chicken breast with chili sauce, topped with mushroom, served with vegetables and rice or french fries.

Grilled beef, chicken and pork on sticks with pieces of pineapple and paprika, served with barbecue and cocktail sauce and white rice or french fries and vegetables or salad.

Lamb medaillons
Fried lamb medaillons in bbq sauce served with vegetables and french fries or baked potatoes.

Chicken Gordon Blue
Fried breaded chicken with tartar sauce and ham, topped with cheese and served with mashed potatoes or rice, and salad or vegetables.

Pork wiener schnitzel
Fried breaded pork served with spaghetti parmesan and tomato sauce or baked potatoes and vegetables.

Neurenberger sausages
Two fried neurenberger sausages with mustard and onion rings, served with french fries or baked potatoes, and vegetables or salad.

Sliced beef stroganoff
Fried beef stroganoff served with creamy paprika mushroom sauce and french fries or bakeed potatoes.

Ang shio hi
Fish in sweet-sour sauce servd with rice.

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Adirama Seaside Restaurant Lovina Bali

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